*Write An inequality then solve for the width.* The length of a rectangle is 12 more than its width. what values of the width will make the perimeter less than 96 feet? (Will give brainliest to best answer)

Accepted Solution

Let [tex]x[/tex] be the width of the rectangle, so the length will be [tex]12+x[/tex].
Now, to find the perimeter of our rectangle, we are going to use the formula for the perimeter of a rectangle formula: [tex]P=2(w+l)[/tex]
[tex]P[/tex] is the perimeter 
[tex]w[/tex] is the width 
[tex]l[/tex] is the length 

We know that [tex]w=x[/tex] and [tex]l=12+x[/tex], so lets replace those values in our formula:

We want values of the width that will make the perimeter less than 96 feet, so lets set up our inequality:
[tex]4x+24\ \textless \ 96[/tex]
[tex]4x\ \textless \ 72[/tex]
[tex]x\ \textless \ \frac{72}{4} [/tex]
[tex]x\ \textless \ 18[/tex]

Since the width can't be zero, we can conclude that the values of the width that will make the perimeter less than 96 feet are: [tex]0\ \textless \ x\ \textless \ 18[/tex] or in interval notation: (0,18)